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Cheap Ass Rates

All pricing is based on a per-item rate. All images and text need to be supplied by client except where noted.

Getting Started

Set Up Fee $199

This includes branding the site into your image, initial graphic design, setting up your hosting account which includes configuring the domain name (DNS set-up) and setting up the web server.

Web Page Design

Home Page $100

Can be used as a stand alone landing page or home page. Includes 1 banner design, 1 stock image and 1 contact form (name, email, message area) with validation. The banner will also be used on interior pages.

Interior Page $50

Interior pages are considered to be all the other pages within your website. These include basic pages, portfolios and photo galleries.

Landing Page $199

Landing pages are 1 page websites tied to an advertising campaign that serve a single purpose. This is usually to sell a single product or capture a lead via a contact form. Landing pages include 1 contact form, 1 video embed (if applicable), graphic design, stock imagery and custom logging of PPC campaign visits.

Web Page Elements

These are page elements that require a little extra work so they cost a liitle bit more.

Portfolio Item $15

Contains 1 thumbnail image and description on the main page and then links your portfolio items to their own pages. Sub page includes 1 large image and text.

Photo Gallery Item $3

Contains 1 thumbnail image, 1 large image, 1 description.

Slide Show $10 per slide

Add a slideshow to any page. Mobile friendly.

Stock Images $30 each

Add beautiful stock photos and graphics to your website.

Custom Banner $65

Add additional banners to the pages of your website.

Video Embed $10

We'll embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video host and make it mobile friendly so that your videos work 100% of the time no matter the device.

FAQ Element $3

Add a cool accordian style FAQ page to your site.


Additional Contact Form $100

If you require an additional contact form we'll set it up and add validation to cut down on bogus submisions.

Contact Form Item $10 each

Add items to your contact form like name, address, a message field, drop down list or whatever else you can think of.

Hourly Rates

Design $65 $45hr

Graphic design, HTML, CSS and Wordpress work.

Programming $95hr

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX and Javascript work.

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