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Every company needs a website that instantly connects consumers worldwide to your services and products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Websites have become a key to every savvy company’s marketing arsenal. Digi Donkey Web Design offers its clients a wide variety of web site development solutions to meet this ever evolving medium.

Our website development services include:

  • Web Page Design and Programming
  • Database Development
  • PHP, jQuery, Ajax and More
  • Video Integration
  • E-Commerce
  • SSL Registration & Certification
  • Website Optimization
  • Web Performance Marketing
  • Easy Domain Registration and Web Hosting
  • Search Marketing
  • Search Listing Management
  • Copy Writing

Web Page Design and Programming

Obviously, before you can have a web site it needs to be designed and built. We will assist you every step of the way from design to completion of your web site. An effective web site will get your marketing message out to potential customers in a way that is both informative and interesting. We will help you come up with a marketing strategy for your web site that will help get you the most out of this medium.

Database Development

Databases are an integral part of today's E-commerce and dynamic data driven internet world. MySQL databases are utilized with PHP programming to create many of the most dynamic web sites that are out there today. Secure Logins, automatically updated content, customer records, E-Commerce and interactive forms are all database driven web applications. We can develop your online database for you so that you can take advantage of the various options that available.

PHP, jQuery, Ajax and More

These are the current programming languages that our web programmers work in. Digi Donkey Web Design makes it a priority to stay up to date with the ever changing technology on the web.

Video Integration

Adding video to your web site can be a very powerful marketing tool and not only for the "Wow" factor but also for the powerful and effective message video can bring to your audience. YouTube and Vimeo are just two of the options available to you regarding adding video content to your web site. Our team will help you decide which is best for you and format the video to play back as smooth and quickly as possible.

E-Commerce Web Design

Easy ordering, inventory control, payment methods and being able to get an answer from an actual person regarding your online store are some of the most important factors when opening an E-commerce site. We will help you formulate a business plan, a marketing strategy for driving traffic to your site and build your site so that you can begin to make money on the web.

SSL Registration & Certification

To make your E-Commerce business work a SSL (Secure Site License) is a must. SSL are necessary for ensuring the security of your business and your customer’s privacy.

Website Optimization

It doesn't matter how great and effective your web site is if nobody pays it a visit. Once approved, we will submit your web site to all the search engines, and set up your key words to make your web site more searchable on your behalf.

Internet Marketing

It’s not always easy getting people to pay your web site a visit. Sometimes there is much competition. However with Web Performance Marketing your website will have monthly, weekly, and even daily monitoring to ensure its success and that it is searchable.

Easy Domain Registration and Web Hosting

If you are starting from scratch you will need two things before your web site gets up and running. A domain name ( and a web host (somewhere on the internet to keep your web site). Sign up is easy. When you order a web site from Digi Donkey Web Design a customer service representative will assist you every step of the way.

Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is still one of the most effective ways to draw traffic to your website. In addition to using SEO best practices to optimize your website for search engines, we can create a well-planned campaign of paid advertising in search engines and on Facebook. Using tools like Google Adwords or Bing Ads and pay-per-click, we can help you raise your brand awareness and create increased traffic to your website. Our tools, research, analysis, marketing sense and experience all play into the success of your online campaign.

Search Listing Management

Google. Google Maps. Apple Maps. Facebook. Bing. Yahoo. Yelp. When it comes to finding a local business, it doesn’t matter which app, map, search engine, directory, GPS device, or social network consumers use. What matters is that they receive accurate, complete, and compelling information about your business at every turn. Our direct integrations with over 100 global publishers put you in definitive control of how your business listings appear everywhere customers search.

Copy Writing

We provide the option to have a professional writer create the copy for your web site. They will work with you to create a web site that is an effective marketing tool for your business.

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